Amarr Garage Door Review

Amarr garage door

Amarr Garage Door Review – Your Best Bet ?

The market is truly oversaturated with garage doors from various manufacturers. Yet, a few specific companies have managed to elevate themselves about their competition. It would be a mistake to ignore the offerings of Amarr Garage Doors.

Amarr Garage Door has been in the business since 1951 and makes all of their products within the United States. They’re well known for their innovation, sustainability and sleek designs. The company’s products are distributed by over 80 door center in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our company is one of the 3,000 garage door dealers, which specialize in Amarr garage doors. We sincerely believe they’ll prove to be beneficial for consumers, so it is only natural for us to offer them to you and your family.

Need Amarr Garage Door Installation ?

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Need Amarr Garage Door Repair ?

HME Garage Door Repair Specialize with amarr garage doors Repair

Amarr Garage Door Collections:

Amarr Lincoln collectionThe Amarr Lincoln is incredibly beneficial for various reasons. Not only does the door come with a lifetime warranty, but it also requires very little maintenance. It possesses a R-Value of 9.05 and is surprisingly affordable.

The door features increased insulation for improved thermal properties and an even quieter operation. It has been reinforced to ensure it meets and exceeds the wind building codes within all areas of the United States. This sturdy, quiet garage door has become one of our top sellers and we can get it installed on your garage for a low fee.

Amarr Vista collectionThose that want a highly innovative and incredibly stylized amarr garage door will want to check out the Amarr Vista collection. This specific product is capable of supporting garage openings up to 24’ wide, so they’ll work with almost all garages. The panels can be powder coated with an unlimited number of colors, so you won’t have any problem making this garage door match your home’s existing color scheme. The maintenance requirements of this amarr door are limited. The door itself is covered by a 5-year warranty. If anything goes awry during this period of time, we’ll be able to help you solve the problem and use your warranty, so you won’t have to pay for anything.

Amarr Stratford CollectionAmarr is responsible for many amazing garage doors, but the company Stratford is a favorite amongst our clients. It features a maximum R-value of 6.64 and requires very little maintenance. In terms of safety, this is truly one of the most secure and safe doors on the market. The door is protected by an extensive warranty, so you can rest assured knowing it’ll adorn your home for many years to come. For added safety, the door features exclusive safe-guard pinch protection. This helps to prevent your children from getting their fingers or hands pinched between the panels. If you want stratford garage door for your garage, you should not hesitate to give us a call immediately.

Amarr Designer’s Choice Collection

The Amarr Designer’s Choice is one of the most efficient garage doors. It delivers a maximum of 19.40 in R-value. To make the consumer’s life substantially easier, this garage door requires very little maintenance. Thanks to the durability and strength of the door, it is highly regarded as being incredibly safe. For added peace of mind and increased value, Amarr protects this door with a lifetime warranty. The door is manufactured with the highest quality hardware, so you can guarantee it’ll serve you for the duration. Tack on the warranty and our professional installation and this garage door is simply a steal.

Amarr Oak Summit CollectionA high-quality garage door should not break the bank, but this does not mean that consumers are going to be willing to compromise on durability or longevity. The Amarr Oak Summit garage door collection has a unique design that will add appeal to any home or business. You will definitely appreciate the fact that it comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty, with an optional lifetime warranty. You will have several different finishes, glass, and hardware to choose from, so be sure to browse them, before you make your final purchase. Please relay on us for all of your garage door installation needs. Our technicians are skilled and capable of installing all brands without issue, plus we stand behind our work.

Amarr Coastal CollectionWhether your home exterior is vinyl, brick, or rock, you could very well benefit from the Amarr Coastal garage door. This model is constructed out of durable vinyl material that is guaranteed to not corrode or rust, even after many years of exposure to the elements. The hardware is designed to add appeal to the door, plus they are constructed out of metal, with a weather proof finish. The vinyl material is guaranteed to not dent, warp, rot, or crack, so you can rest assure that you are going to get your money’s worth out of this garage door. When you find yourself in need of a garage door installation, be sure to keep us in mind. We are a fully insured and bonded company that provides superior customer service to the community.