Why Do You Need A Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Opener

The garage door is probably one of the most operated devices in your house. So, you wouldn’t want it to get stuck when you have to rush to the office or you have to reach somewhere in time. However, this is the most common problem we face with a garage door. So, we need to keep our garage doors in proper condition and repair them as and when required.

Before we move to the different reasons of repairing a garage door, we need to understand the different types and parts of a garage door. Garage doors can be operated manually or by an electric motor. Smaller garage doors have a single panel, which can open upwards. But, bigger garage doors can have multiple panels with can roll up in several folds. As, garage doors have several fixed and moving parts, as well as remotes for operating it, it is also prone to different kinds of faults and problems, which needs rectification and repair.

Some of the common reasons, why your garage doors might need repair are discussed as below:

Tracks are misaligned: The garage door runs on tracks, which can get misaligned and thus needs repair. Gaps in the rollers and rails make them difficult to move. There are photo eyes on either side of garage doors, which can get damaged or broken, which prevents the door from moving.

garage door tracksRemote not working: There can be a problem in the remote, which operates the garage door rather than the door itself. It may be out of batteries or some damaged junction, which needs repair. So, you might want to get it checked before repairing the garage door.

Garage door opens/closely randomly: This can cause the garage door to open or close, when not being operated. It can be due to accumulated dirt or a pile of papers, which might be obstructing the free movement over the tracks.

Garage door Opener is stuck: The garage door opener might be stuck due to a problem with the transmitter or sensors, which are unable to establish a connection with the garage door. This is an important reason to go for a garage door repair.

garage door Remote not workingGarage door parts not functional: The different parts of the garage door might be damaged, rusted, and broken, which makes it difficult to operate from outside. And, sometimes, it is also difficult to judge, which part might be broken. So, a garage door repair inspection will be able to find out all the probable defects and advise you on the best action.

Apart from this, garage door and its parts need to be lubrication and other maintenance to protect it from damages from snow, rains, etc. So, time to time maintenance garage door packages are very important to keep the garage door in proper shape so that they function properly, mostly when you need to. Though, some repairs are DIY, but the major ones need expert inspection and technical know-how. So, it is important to consult specialists for your garage door repair.